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This video connects steady beat, rhythm, movement and emotional learning.
The student must prompt the slides to continue the lesson.

This is a video of a song "Times Like These," where many artists collaborate with different styles, singing timbres and instruments. Students may remember some of the artists from last year in the video "Sunship." Take a listen.
Little video about school pride, virtual learning, and Positive Behavior Instructional Support:
The quarter note has one beat. Check it out.
Nice rhythmic video with artistic depictions of musical instruments, some are in Spanish!
My Body Makes Music! Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica!
Rhythm, note names , composing and other great tools.
K,1 enjoy singing and exploring numbers that are way up there.
Whole note, half, quarter, and eighth notes. Sing along.
Visual learners will get a kick out of this one! Check it out.
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