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Parent Involvement Coordinator

Title 1 Parent/Family Involvement

To my BME Family,

Welcome to the Parent and Family Involvement webpage. My name is Sabrina Clark and I am here to assist and encourage you with your child's learning experience. Please visit the parent resource room on the 200 hall in room 210. Our Parent and Family Resource  room is open daily from 8:00 until 2:30. There are hands on materials, games, books, flashcards, phonics, math manipulative and more are available for you to check out and use at home with your child  or in the P&F  room. Remember to read daily. Involvement means many things. At school it can be communicating with your child's teacher, participating in school activities and volunteering. At home it can be talking with your child about their day at school, having a daily routine for homework and a time for reading. Checking backpacks for important papers will also help .Most important please have them at school on time and pick them up on time. Please continue to check the Parent and Family resource room for new games and resources for helping your child's progress in school.

What can Your Parent & Family Involvement Coordinator do for you?

Act as a liaison between the school and home

Strengthen parent participation and awareness of expectations

Assist with parent teacher conferences, and other meetings

Offer support to parents

Resolution of family and health issues

Parent volunteers

County and school wide workshops

Organize and manage parent resource center

Advocate for parents

Listed below are links to Title I documents. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Sabrina Clark

Parent Involvement Coordinator

Burroughs-Molette Elementary 
1900 Lee Street Brunswick, Ga 31520

(912) 267-4130 Ext: 4013